Interior Decorating Colors

Interior decorating colors aren’t just for decorators. Paint is the great decorating equalizer. A gallon of ugly paint costs just as much as a gallon of pretty paint. You may not be able to afford the same furniture, floor plan, ceiling height and space that is found in home decor magazines and model homes. You can get the exact same color palette in an apartment or condo or on a small budget. Whether you are looking into online interior design as a budding professional or just someone who wants their home to look better you can transform your space with colors for interior decorating.

Theme Colors

Each decorating style has a set color palette. This allows you to transform basic pieces into a theme room with just a little paint and creativity. The theme color palette for each style is updated every few years. For instance, Southwest design no longer involves the peach and blue color palette of the 80’s.  Check out the Theme Color section of this site for decorating tips on every basic design style.

Room Color Schemes

A lavender room might work great in a bedroom but may turn your stomach in a kitchen or dining room. When painting and decorating you need to consider both your personal style, the function of the space and how to coordinate the colors throughout your home.  The Room Color Schemes section gives a room by room overhaul of the very best colors for each space and basic interior color design theory as well as the hottest trends. (Plus, the hottest trends you should pretend like you don’t see.)

 Material Colors

Paint is the easiest way to add color to a room. It does take some work, and at times cursing over a spilled gallon of paint on a new parquet floor, but overall it makes for a painless room transformation.

Paint is a way to experiment with color but you may find yourself afraid of choosing more expensive color options like flooring, tile, or even a new sofa color. Sure that cranberry carpet seemed like a great idea ten years ago but how do you decorate around the garish carpet now without replacing it? The Material Colors section discusses the latest trends in furniture and bathroom design so you can find a lasting style that won’t date your home.

Color Theory

I’m not a color scientist because there is no such title (Well, there wasn’t until I just made it up. Now I am a color scientist.) I have been an amateur artist and have made several big color mistakes in my own life (forest green walls, fluorescent teal walls). Since then I’ve learned how to yield a color wheel to create spaces that express my vibrant personality without having company run screaming out the door.

Interior Color Schemes

Interior color schemes are a little bit more complicated than just picking out a wall color. You’ll need to consider whether the tones are warm or cool. You can mix warm and cool tones together such as red wall colors and silver mirrors, but it’s going to create contrast. Stay away from basic color charts and palettes when making these decisions. Try cutting out some of your favorite paint colors and putting them next to each other to see if you like them or even pick colors out of magazines that you enjoy. They don’t even have to be decor magazines but it allows you to get interested in unique palettes instead of constantly being stuck with white trim and ceilings.