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Romantic home interior design

When I think of romantic home interior design I picture in my mind some old furniture (19.century look), chandelier, canopy bed, flower patterns, a sprinkle of gold touch and for the big mess pink and pastel colors. So everything together doesn’t work its one big slush and to much of romantic touch in one place. Great challenge is creating modern home with modern elements of today combining them with romantic interior. That style updates contemporary design with old-world traditions of classic style.

Romantic home interior design is fresh and feminine. This style portray beauty, luxury, sensuality and comfort. It evokes dream-like state of tranquility. Romantic decor is graceful.

Color schemes:

Pick three to five colors. First start with neutral color that will be your main color and will be more than 50% of it. Use it on walls, floors and dominant furniture. Second color is for window treatments, floral arrangements, art and decorative pillows. Use this color from 20-30%. And third color is just a touch of it 10%. Use it on chandeliers, vases, lamps, scones and frames.

Modern chocolate brown, whit pink and white will make your room modern. Romantic home interior design will look nice in white, light gray and pink, with decorative floral pattern on accessories or  blue, white and beige combination. But any color combination will do. Because peoples ideas of romantic style are different.


To add that feel of romantic home interior design add an old-look chair, table or club table with craftsman touch. Other romantic home interior design idea is to combine old fashion appeal with new materials that look modern like leather couch, glas chair, metal coffee table. Use few pieces (1-2) of old look furniture in one room to make it work. If you want to create something yourself. Pick a piece of antique furniture and color it fun color. Most typical piece is luxurious canopy bed or old look make up table which will make great if you want to create this style in bedroom. Use it as focal point of room.


Create romantic home interior design with old looking accessories, old look picture frame, or mirror frame with swirly carvings. A chandelier with rich dripping crystals. Fresh roses in modern vases and decorative floral pillows.


Fabrics that give room romantic look are sumptuous silk, luscious lace (canopi or ordinary bed decor), or vivacious velvet (pillows).

Mix, use imagination, combine old with modern to create your romantic home interior design

Color green

To continue series of color I choose green.

Characteristics and effects of green:

Color green has a calming effect on the nervous system. It is sedative and hypnotic color. It lowers blood pressure and expands the capillaries and we could even say that it allows us to calm the spirit. Color green is used as a means to calm the nerves, and to counteract insomnia and major depression.

Color green is color of nature and indicates flexibility of external circumstances, compassion and emotion. People who show excessive preference for green, are usually too easy in relation to life and for their failures usually blame others.

Psycho physiological effects of color green on people are the opposite effect of red. Therefore those who are especially dear to the green they don’t usually get particularly fast angry and are not very active. They are solid like nature itself and their power is growing slowly but surely and their friendly but firm spirit is practically impossible to suppress.

In use :

  • Green works good with wood tones
  • Combine color green with soft blue or purple and it also goes well with yellow, orange and red. But with red be careful to keep the tones similar in intensity.
  • Pale green with other pastel shades for retro look.
  • Black, white, neutral tones with mint green and rich green.
  • Mossy green wallpapers, iron chairs, fresh plants white kitchen will create a feel of English garden.
  • Apple green with white will make cheering and inviting entryway.
  • Use popular lime green, chartreuse, apple or any of brighter tones of color green to enliven dull rooms.
  • Most typical room to use color green is in bedroom or living areas because of greens’ calming nature.
  • Dark green colors are more masculine and would work in more formal space in the home or in office.
  • With vertical cream and green stripes counteract a low ceiling.

Tuscan interior design

Some time ago I was in Tuscany. Its really nice there. The greatest memory I have is when I drove across the landscape. And when you see through the window you see a painting or postcard, which are sold in stores. Hills with the houses on top. Around the house a nice promenade.  And when the sun goes down, landscape and sky changes color. Flowing orange, red and green and brown color coat cover the landscape and that awaken a sense of warmth and welcoming feeling. Then you can just watch and doing mental images. Tuscany is so beautiful.

All that warmth and inviting feeling you can create in your home. Tuscan interior design is very popular because of this sense that you get when you enter such home. It welcomes you and says: » Come, sit down and be comfortable.«  As maker of your home you want to have cozy feeling and a home where your personalities and interests are best reflected.  This old world look Tuscan interior design empowers your senses to feel calm, comforted and tranquil.

Here are some basic ideas about how to create Tuscan interior design:

  • Natural elements (stone, earth, light, water, fire) are essential elements in a Tuscan interior design. A stone fireplace or accent feature for focal point
  • Dark wood is used for benches, tables, hutches with little craftsman touch.
  • On floor must be hardwood or stone tile.
  • Imagine Tuscan landscape, a summer sunset, vineyards, golden fields, olive groves, accident stone walls. That can give you idea what kind of color to use. Golden crèmes, brown, olive green tones, vine hues, orange, red, yellow. Combine tree to five colors.
  • Also metal detailing like wrought iron or other metal accessories are key ingredients for successful Tuscan interior design. Find tables, chairs or romantic bed frame with decorative metal construction.
  • Fresh flowers will bring a touch of fields in your home.

Swedish interior design ideas

In last post I mentioned few interior design ideas, one of them was also Swedish interior style. This post is all about it.

Swedish interior is heavily influenced by the light and the weather of Scandinavia. Because of long dreary winters with early dusk and lack of natural light necessitated combined to create a need to bring the lightness indoors. That can give you the idea that anything pale, light, airy and minimal is in, that will give your apartment cheerful, elegant, calm and even warm on the darkest winter days.

Swedish interior design ideas tends to be designs for the people- so you will get an affordable look, that is very suitable for full-time living. This interior design ideas become very popular in recent times. This look combines refined elegance with a casual aged appearance that have universal appeal.

Swedish style is usually made in white rooms with classical time worn furniture, porcelain, natural floor and door and simple curtains.

Swedish interior design ideas:

  • Paint walls in pale tones of white, cream, soft yellow, pale pink, soft green and dove gray. That will give light and airy touch to your home.
  • You can use also red for fibbers, floral prints, wallpapers and blue that will reflect the feeling of clear fresh day.
  • For Swedish interior furniture you can use ladder back chairs, tables with nicely turned legs, floor clock, carved shelving this interior design ideas is called Gust avian designs. This style will add your home a touch of vintage nostalgia. This furniture is very interesting is called neo-classical furniture.
  • For more modern look choose more modern designing style. These interior design ideas are simple, classic, beautiful shapes and sweeping curves in furniture pieces. Wood is bleached or painted pale, white, cream, or any other light color.
  • Patterns are painted on white ground (floral, bows, ribbons, swags).
  • Wooden floors.
  • Accessories are light pale colors and kept on minimum, allowing open space.
  • Fresh flowers in clear glass vases bring color, freshens in room.
  • Use gold gilding for the gorgeous accent on accessories and furniture. A good choice for gold gilding would be picture or mirror framing .
  • Accessorizes apartment with porcelain dolls, figurines, etc.

Sticking with one style could be different in time, but with these interior design ideas you can not go wrong.

Orange color

Orange color is mixture of yellow and red. Red is associated with warmth and yellow with light. So it is combination of light and warmth and we can create nice and friendly climate in room. Orange color does not radiate so hot and sultry temperature as red and is not so sharply bright as yellow.

Orange color (and red) boost heart and does not influence on blood pressure. Although it works as emotional stimulant it can make you depress. Its presence can excite or calm. It also accelerates digestion therefore it is suitable for equipping restaurants.
Orange is closest to fire color and best illustrated the excitement, desire and delight. It is strong and healthy color of powerful, energetic and active people. Thats why it does not correspond to a specific taste and is the most popular among people belonging to primitive tribes and among children.

Some other meanings of orange color are:
Desire for relevance and significant activity. It connect with optimism, satisfaction, relief, spontaneity and delight. It is color of high aspiration. People who are especially inclined to orange color are usually proud and self-esteem, who do with their directness strong impression on others.

People who like orange color are sociable but their social skills are primarily an expression of their desire for success. Some of them have well-developed sense of music and crafts. With own vibrancy and inventiveness successfully overcome obstacles and can usually achieve what they want. They always find the reasons and justification for their procedures, which gives them considerable self-confidence, but often also limit their horizons. It is therefore desirable that they deal with their distinctive egocentrism and begin to consciously control it.

We fix the color orange with the female character and are characterized by the fact that they are popular especially among men. Indicate an effective presence and erotic conquest. The more reddish is orange color, much more strongly represented in it is an instinctive component.

In use:

  • Adding color to a room without a lot of natural light brighten the room and makes it feel larger.
  • If you are making your first steps into orange color select a few furnishings in a muted shades or add pops of the hue with accessories.
  • If you really want to show off a color combine it with its complementary hue.
  • Or combine it with yellow, hot pink and few whites and create a bright and warm atmosphere. For a neutral pallete lowers you can add a splash of orange and highlight focal points.

Modern home decor

Way of living and were we live are two most important themes in modern days. Were we live, our home, is significant place, here we eat, sleep, create, work So it is essential that you feel good, inspired, relaxed and comfortable, to work efficiently.

For nice modern home decor you can be very creative and use your imagination. Take time when you pick colors, shapes and lightning. We know various indoor styles. Look all styles and  select your favorite. Perhaps you like colors or you love the look of exotic, you can be minimalist or you just want to be elegant and inviting. Take time when you decide what modern home decor you like because if it is not in line with you expectation that will affect your living.

To create modern home decor study various inner design styles to develop your own style perspective. You can select specific design style or  you will produce your own personal style where you will feel vibrant and place will give you energy and flow.

Here are some different styles briefly described for your modern home decor:
 Tuscan style: is inspired by elements of nature like crumbling stone walls, marble flooring and sturdy hardwood furniture.
• Rustic decor: is casual, comfortable and massive wood furniture.
• Swedish style: cool , bright, sophisticated lots of white and pale elements to bring the lightness indoors.
• Romantic decor: is very feminine, soft pastel colors, chandeliers and bed canopy.
• Moroccan style: is full of mysterious elements, with mosaic products, vibrant colors and gentle lighting.
• Retro style:  it is more commonly used to describe home decor from 1950′s, 60′s and 70′s.

And many more. Later I will write article about each style and be more specific.

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