10 Inexpensive Tips to Improve Your Curb Appeal

  1. Clean the outside of the house including shutters, driveway, walkway, and landing.
  2. Clean the gutters.
  3. Replace dead plants in the flower beds with new ones.
  4. Prune overgrown shrubs.
  5. Replace house numbers with more stylish ones, if necessary.
  6. Paint the mailbox.
  7. Change the outside light fixture. Lowe’s or Home Depot have many under $25.00 that will do the trick.
  8. Put away all hoses, tools and garden implements.
  9. Make your porch an extension of your living space. Create another room for potential buyers to envision themselves enjoying.
  10. Red flowers appeal to most people. They symbolize home, welcome and warmth.

For Agents – Sell More Homes with a Stager

This post is to help Real Estate agents offering some staging tips to sell more homes:

We are in the middle of this year and we are in full swing of our resolutions, written our business plans and now set about the hard work of incorporating them into our daily lives.

If one of the elements of your business plan is selling more homes (or selling homes lingering from 2009), one way to do that is by hiring a home stager.

Many of you have heard of home staging. Most know a little bit about it. But, how many of you actually know the basics of home staging and how to work with a stager as part of your team?

Seven Basics of Home Staging

  • Make a great first impression
  • Maximize space and eliminate clutter
  • Use light for an open, spacious felling
  • De-emphasize flaws
  • Make the home appealing to buyers with varied tastes
  • Create warmth
  • Update

Simple enough. Now that you know the basics, let’s look at the benefits of working with a home stager.

Benefits of Working With a Stager

During Your Listing Presentation
A Realtor or Home Builder who works with a home stager as part of their team understands that home staging is a value added tool and a market differentiator. Educate your sellers on the value of home staging. The listing presentation is the perfect time to do this.

Before a Showing
A staged home, when properly photographed and displayed on the Internet, will generate multiple showings. Research indicates as many as 80% of potential buyers begin their search online. Also, make sure that you prepare both your home interior as well as the exterior of the home. For example, if your exterior needs some maintenance, make sure to do it. After all, the exterior of the house will give the first impression to the potential buyer. In case your roof needs replacement or some fixes, call a roofer in your area or maybe a siding contractor close to you to handle the project as soon as possible.

During Showings
A staged home will show better than a non-staged home. The potential buyer is provided a clear vision for each room. The home is “move-in-ready” with no distractions.

After Showings
A staged home is remembered. Viewing home after home becomes tedious and exhausting to buyers. The features of a staged home will stand out and not be jumbled with all of the other homes potential buyers have seen.

Throughout the Listing Period
A staged home commonly sells more quickly and for higher price, thereby reducing the number of days on the market and the out of pocket costs to Realtors or Home Builders associated with their listings.

When the Offer Comes In
A staged home often sells for a higher price. Buyers are willing to pay more for a home that appears to be well maintained, tastefully arranged and functions for their needs.